che – the movie

chei must admit, i am starting to get really excited about steve sonderbergh’s che. benicio del toro stars as revolutionary leader che guevara in the two-part film that chronicles his rise and fall.

i quote msnbc: “soderbergh and screenwriters peter buchman and benjamin van der veen instead trust us to pay attention and make up our own minds about what we’re seeing.”

the story by theatrical film distribution company ifc: “november 26, 1956; led by fidel castro (demian bichir), a band of 80 rebels sails to cuba. among these young rebels is argentine physician, marxist, soldier, ernesto “che” guevara (benicio del toro). nation-less, strapped for resources and fueled only by determination, the group engages in swift, bloody battle to free the cuban people from the corrupt dictatorship of fulgencio batista. che and his soldiers wrestle the nation’s resources and affection from batista’s grasp. though considered a hero by some, che becomes a hugely controversial figure. at the height of his fame and power, he disappears. entering south america incognito, che recruits another band of guerilla fighters in the harsh bolivian jungles. they embark upon a mission to spark revolution throughout latin america.” (via)


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che – the movie