christopher doyle identity guidelines

bild-13this is an amazing idea. christopher doyle, designer of the sydney based creative firm moon group, made an extraordinary self promotion. (via)

the introduction: “my name is christopher doyle. these are my identity guidelines. as is the case with all identities, care must be taken with my appearance and tone to ensure my core values and visual integrity are maintained. this is a guide to how i should look, feel and sound as a person; a guide that should serve as an aid for myself and for those around me in ensuring my identity remains clear, consistent and correct. it should be noted that these guidelines are intended as just that, a guide. while all elements of my identity system have been designed to ensure consistency, allowances for variation have also been made. if followed, these guidelines will help my identity to evolve and feel fresh at every touchpoint.”

here are his guidelines (new link: here) and here is an interview with him at the factory.




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christopher doyle identity guidelines