grandiose fresco

3279the ceiling of the human rights room at the united nations office in geneva was created in 13 months by the spanish artist, miguel barcelo, with the help of 35000 liters of paint, 18 assists, an expert for caves, and a private french cook.
the paints used were made with special pigments sourced from all over the world. the paints were applied to the ceiling with special spray tools, as well as common objects like brooms for touch-ups. a series of different colours were applied to the ceiling. red, green, yellow, blue and almost every colour conceivable was applied to the ceiling as if the paints had exploded onto it. this multi-coloured layer was allowed to dry and the second coat was applied. 

the work was inaugurated with great pomp and ceremony on the 18th november, in the presence of juan carlos, king of spain and ban ki moon, un secretary general. the luxurious renovation of the room has cost nearly 20 million euro is a gift from spain. (via thetrendygirl and art)

or watch a german news report here.  

BUT: “disaster at the palais des nations in geneva, the roof is falling down. a part of the grandiose fresco on the ceiling of the human rights room fell down yesterday, only a few days after its inauguration. this is according to various diplomatic sources in geneva. (…) other parts of the dome may break off later, according to a technician from the un.” (via)
that’s sad, i like the work.


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grandiose fresco