nils holger moormann

moormannsince 1982 self-taught designer nils holger moormann produces and sells conceptions of mostly young unknown designers. by following his principles simplicity, intelligence, and innovation, his products distinguish themselves by ‘inventions’, accurate results, and reduced design vocabulary.

since 1992 the business moormann is based in aschau, bavaria. in the middle of the alps they are trying to produce everything at local factories. the growing local structures combined with the international contacts characterizes the business philosophy. 

you can find a very interesting article about nils holger moormann at designboom.










































an amazing project of moormann is berge, a shelter also in aschau.

“berge guesthouse in aschau is a remodelled bakery dating back to 1671 which has been renovated by designer nils holger moormann. the development sits in the countryside of the alps on the border between 
germany and austria. moormann has turned the old bakery into 13 newly design apartments which range from two story living quarters to a ‘sleep cell’ designed for backpackers. the visitors are given minimal sleeping rooms and encouraged to use a communal space which has a library, kitchen, and socializing area nestled next to a fireplace. while the whole building has been redesigned by moormann, much of its historic character remains in the massive wood beams and stonework. the project is near completion and will later receive a sauna and garden.”
























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nils holger moormann