rocking platform

platform1i must admit i am keen on design things you can use with ordinary things. like this rocking platform by constantinos economides. you can easily stretch the rocking platform under a chair and start rocking! i found it at yatzer.

his explanation: “Like an entry level roller skate that can be strapped under any shoe, the rocker is an adaptable extension that turns any stool or chair into a toy. The rocker is a means of injecting fun into the process. Its childish attitude, to be willing to make fun of anything, can turn the most serious looking piece of furniture into a joke. It adds a playful element in a humorous way and challenges our existing relationship with furniture. Since childhood it is in our nature to abuse things (a stick can be a gun, a surgical tool, a tool, a walking aid or a means of measuring the depth of the water), the rocker reminds us of that way of seeing things.”



here you can see a rocking platform for a chair and a crip. i really like the thing that constantinos hang a lamp from the ceiling so low to lighten up the information on the ground.






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  • EXPLI Blog

    Designer Schreibtisch selber bauen & Ordnung halten…

    Wie man einen sehr einfachen und dennoch coolen Designer Schreibtisch selber bauen kann, zeigt uns Roitsch auf Flickr….

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rocking platform