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i can’t believe this. just around the corner where i used to live, the swiss architects herzog & de meuron are planing to build this crazy 57-storey apartment skyscraper in tribeca, manhattan. it’s gigantic, not only the size of the bulding, also the idea to build 145 apartments irreagular next to and upon of each other. also the webpage is worth a look. (via my roomate)

that’s what the financial times said: “the 57-storey proposal, to be slotted into the gritty grid of lower manhattan’s tribeca, echoes the classic deco skyscraper in its tripartite composition. a solid, geometric base knits it tightly into the urban fabric of the city block, while a smoother shaft takes it up into orbit and a crown begins to dematerialise and reduce its volume as it hits the sky. the surprise here, though, is the lack of a sheath, the smooth envelope, whether boxy or rocket-like, within which skyscrapers are usually contained. here the architects have stacked a series of irregular boxes, 145 separate and unique apartments – each a response to what is going on inside – and formed and jiggled them into an extraordinary tower.”



bild-122that’s crazy, too! you can have a look at 36 different apartments. and you can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bedroom apartments or just take a look at the 10 penthouses. there are so many choices you can make.

bild-132and for every apartment you can see the floorplan, pictures and explanations of the interiour. the easiest would be, if you just take a look for yourself.

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56 leonard