box of tricks by gary chang


gary chang, a hong kong based architect, renovated his own apartment into, what he calls, domestic transformer. he lives in his 344 square-foot (32-qm) apartment since he was 14 years old. when his family moved out, he bought it and in over 20 years he has renovated four times. with the help of accordion-like walls, like the ones you can see in libraries sometimes, he can create 24 different room configurations. (via)

“using shifting wall units suspended from steel tracks bolted into the ceiling, the apartment becomes all manner of spaces — kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, a lounge with a hammock, an enclosed dining area and a wet bar.” (
his apartment is decorated with alessi dishes, arne jacobsen cutlery, or what mr. chang calls an “altar of muji accessories”.
quotation from “ultimate spatial flexibility is created through the multiple operations of the partitions. lighting. and mobile furniture. all the mundane necessities of bachelor life – books. cds. clothing, pictures. stereo, videos are stacked on a chrome factory shelving system and hidden discreetly behind floating white curtains. the central space becomes the actual space for living, working, eating, sleeping, chatting, dressing and reading. blue fluorescent tubes are carefully placed to wash the floor with an unearthly glow, while bright up-lighting articulates structural members. the main aperture of the front window offers views to the world beyond whether the actual view out of the window, or through the large scale movie screen to the fantasy world of hollywood, the real world of news, or the electronic world of internet.”

and his own arguement for staying there instead of moving into a bigger apartment: “but why do that? i see my place as an ongoing experiment.”







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  • taanuja

    hi gary , am an interior designer and am amazed at your designs. infact i love to know more of your designs and techniques. its very interesting in today’s world to save as much as possible and at the same time enjoy all the facilities without wasting much time and money on maintenance.

    wish you have a website to check on your excellent works.

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box of tricks by gary chang