calendar 2009?

garfieldthe year 2009 just started less than one week ago. some of you might still need a calendar. you can either buy a nice old school one like the garfield date book, or you can get yourself one of these briliant calendars i found:








this one is the bubble calendar.

“a poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day.”





























the napkins calendar from stasaki. (found via)










the living calendar is a project by newave.

“the living calendar allows people to read the weeks, the months, the holidays, and the time, all at once and all in a glance. a large hand shows the current day, and the current month, thus doing a complete turn during 365 days. a little hand shows the current day of week, and the current hour, and accordingly does a complete turn for 7 days. moreover, the calendar marks the date of public holidays, religious events and momentous days.” (via)

unfortunately i don’t know if it is available in an other language than russian. (it’s russian or not?)




the t-shirt calendar by petter hanberger.

“t-shirt screenprint of the 2009 calendar. a pen is attached so that the owner can fill in one box for each day that the shirt is being used. after one year the t-shirt design is finished.”




the everlasting adhesiv-tape calendar by suck uk.

“multi-functional sticky tape that works as a calendar, diary, organiser & planner. as well as being pretty useful packaging tape! easily create each month in any day and date combination, by using the two seperate rolls and sticking them next to each other. pack includes 1 roll of days and one roll of dates plus a marker pen.”

i ordered it myself. i will show pictures as soon it was delievered.



my calendar of the last 2 years, the wandkalender 2009 by dig-berlin.

a post-it-pad is attached, so you can mark important dates. there is a hole in every post-it, in order to make the date visible. and you can switch the sides. one side is green and horizontal and the other side is black and vertical.




the chrono-shredder by susanna hertrich. more information here.

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calendar 2009?