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yesterday ralf alex asked me a question about how i collect my ideas, when i am about to post about a certain subject. he suggested me to write about it. i thought about it and you can see i liked the idea.
so what am i doing if have an idea to blog about something? of course, sometimes i just find something while i am reading rss feeds or surfing through the web and then i just blog about it right away. but most of the time, i am not able to write immediately afterwards.
so what do i do then? it is not an easy answer, i have different methods to keep notes or reminders about my future blog posts. sometimes i just scrabble a note on a post-it, sometimes i take notes at my igoogle page. i also take notes on my cell phone. no, it’s not an iphone but my nokia e51 also has the ability to write and collect notes. sometimes i even take pictures of magazine articles or advertisings with my cell phone. i also have my moleskine sketch book where i collect notes, ideas about posts and the design, layout, and content of my blog. or lately also my moleskine diary.
what do i do, when i need to save urls? i also write them down on my igoogle page, espacially when i am at work (different computer), but only if i don’t want to add them to delicious. sometimes i even send emails to myself, to remind myself of important urls. lately i started to copy the url and paste it on my desktop.

this is not just the way how i collect my ideas about blog posts but also my ideas about anything else, too.

what about you? do you have special forms of idea collection? please, tell me!

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  • Jesus Presley

    Hmmm. I actually simply apply my personal taste filters to media sources. Including: emails from friends, rss feeds, tweets, newspaper essays, radio, delicious, street gossip and tv.

    I try to add a personal not by explaining backgrounds in an easy, anti-nerdy manner. Finally I am bored of blogging and publish the post half-finished without re-reading it.

    Ingenious ain’t it?

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idea collection