mischwaren is a nice fashion boutique in düsseldorf-flingern. i really like it a lot. one main reason is the way customers are treated. christina ermert welcomes you with warmth and treats you the way you want to be treated as a customer. sometimes i even feel guilty when i leave the store without something new and without supporting this nice way of shopping apart from mainstream fashion. but i must admit most of the times i have to buy a new shirt, pair of jeans or some new pair of shoes. not because of guilt, but the collection of labels can’t be found often.

for example the danish labels humör and revolution, or the french labels sixpack and sessùn. i also became a fan of the spanish shoe label victoria. just take a look at the complete collection. be sure not to miss the great lieblingsempire calender. different illustrators supported the lieblingsempire with 12 different illustrations with the topic: “music makes the people come together”.

bild-17 and stay tuned, mischwaren is about to start an online shop, and soon we are able to shop some nice clothes 24-7.


hoffeldstr. 46
d-40235 düsseldorf
tel. +49-(0)211-85957864

Di. – Fr.: 11:00 – 19:00, Sa.: 11:00 – 16:00

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