Sir Realist

Photographer Andrew Matusik shot a great editorial for the current edition of the American fashion magazin Genlux. It is called Sir Realist, which is in fact already a brilliant play of words. Matusik reproduced Rene Magritte’s surrealistic works into real life. (via)


  • Wey

    So, by adding realism to a sur-realistic concept, what will happen to the perception of the concept behind it? Matusik is skillful in his real-isation of Magritte’s ideas, but the movement between abstract – realistic, strangely, may put further distance between viewer and concept.
    There are some nice examples in Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics”, where identification is at odds with realism, one reason why photo-comics haven’t gained a higher marketshare than drawn (abstracted) comics.

  • roitsch

    thanks for your comment wey. i can see the dilemma when you combine realism and sur-realistic art. but i see it as a complete different kind of art, which was just inspired by rene magritte. the thing is also that this is not art in the original sense, it is artistic commercial. matusik took magritte as an inspiration for some fashion shootings. and i liked the way he presents fashion.

  • nathan

    Though the images are interesting, I think they distort some of the themes addressed in the paintings. There seems to be things lost in translation.

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Sir Realist