alter ego


two weeks ago i saw the movie alter ego at the cinema and i was really suprised about what i saw. alter ego is a german documentary about the graffiti culture from around the world (new york, hong kong, auckland, berlin sao paulo, etc.). the movie shows individuals, who act on the border between creation, destruction, art, and vandalism.
“an alter ego is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. (…).  this can also refer to the way a person may act differently in different cultural situations. (via wikipedia)
daniel thouw created a very interesting documentary with the idea to give the viewers an insight that this kind of art is not always just vandalism and that it has its own history, its own rules, language, heroes. it shows that grafitti is a distinctive culture.

“tags, throwups and pieces are part of almost every major cityscape around the world, and are more or less part of our everyday life.”

unfortunately you can’t see the movie at the cinemas any more. but you could still buy the dvd if you like (here).
the day when i saw the movie, daniel thouw himself presented the movie to us viewers and we were able to ask him some questions about his work. he told me he was working on this documentary for 6 years and he self-financed the whole project.

this is a german interview with daniel thouw made by wordcup:


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alter ego