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last night i was sitting in front of the tv and did some channel surfing. then i stucked at arte. they showed “rock & the city – new york wilde side”, it was the first of five episodes.
the five-episode documentary “arte rock & the city” travels, in company of french music journalist philippe maneuver, to music capitals such as berlin, paris, liverpool, new york and kingston. the documentaries show the local music scene, the emergence and mixing of music genres, music stars and their influences and shapes. because there could never have been serge gainsbourg without paris, nina hagen, without berlin, lou reed without new york, the beatles without liverpool, or bob marley without kingston.

you should really take a look at the online streaming of last night’s episode at arte+7. i’ve been to many spots myself during my year in new york. infact i was at the famous cbgb’s during it’s last month. if you are really into music, like me, this documentary gives you can a brilliant glimpse of new york’s great music impression.

also the internet appearance of arte suprised me. the design is fresh and invites to hang a around a while. for every episiode you can look at a google map with all shooting spots.

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arte – rock & the city