basicotime for vacation? me, too! so, let’s pack our stuff and take a nice time at the basico at the playa del carmen in the yucatan, mexico. that sounds nice? wait till you see the hotel.

“the hotel is themed around 1950s mexico, a time when the oil industry was growing rapidly. architect hectar galvan has made 70% of the building out of recycled materials drawn from oil tankers. it’s a remarkable edifice, the antithesis of a run-of-the-mill hotel. so if you’re looking for highly individual and quirky design, coupled with the best party scene in playa del carmen, then look no further.

i am convinced that a stay at this hotel would be an experience. the open bath rooms with gigantic showers, an incredible view over the mexican bay, and a crazy industrial look.

“and there is no shortage of style – some might say style over substance. you’ll find a white polaroid camera chained to the side of your elevated kingsize bed, ready to snap those ‘special’ moments (sounds old-fashioned in this digital era, but there’s something quite reassuring about holding a print in your hands). underneath your bed are flippers and a football, a mini-bar and some personal storage space. rubber rings dangle from the walls, door handles are made from cut-off saws and the local 1950’s school-style white railings have been moulded into shelves that hang from the walls to store towels and a few clothes.”

one of my favourite parts is the pair of recycled petroleum tanks on the rooftop, transformed into swimming pools with the most spectacular view of the caribbean sea. (via)



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