dick hardt – identity 2.0


last year i went to the 13th german trend day in hamburg. that’s where i was able to enjoy the most impressive powerpoint presentation i’ve ever seen.

“the german trend day is held in hamburg once a year and is the central future forum for management and marketing in the german-speaking world.
the one-day event focuses on social change and its consequences for management and marketing. progressive national and international thinkers analyse current trends and present their ideas and strategies for the future.”

dick hardt, entrepreneur and technology expert, who works for microsoft by now. he is an active participant in the open-id community. so, what’s so special about his presentation, you may ask. well, he uses about 30 power point slides each minute! that makes about 500 slides in the 15 minute presentation you can see below.

the presentation i saw last year was more than twice as long. you can see it here, but unfortunantly you see dick hardt and not the never ending power point slides.

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dick hardt – identity 2.0