Everything but the idea

Years ago, in fact 2005, I found this advertising of Adobe for the Creative Suite 2, in the Dwell Magazine. I had to cut it out and safe it. The phrase “Wake up. Write it down. Pray it still seems good in the morning.” just got me. It happens to me so often that I have the best ideas just before falling asleep. That was also the time when I started to use my moleskine.

I found this at Allbusiness.com: “The effort, via Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco, seeks to address an art director’s point of view. One print ad, for instance, shows a guy sprawled on his bed, lamp on, notebook open. Text reads: “Wake up. Write it down. Pray it still seems good in the morning.” (…) Wild postings will appear in New York this month. Jennifer Reynolds, director-worldwide advertising, said Adobe wanted to reach “insiders,” and so placed ads near ad agencies and design firms.”

I think it worked, at least they got me.

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    […] I like mindmaps very much. That’s also the reason why I builded a little DIY-whiteboard for my room. The best way for expressing ideas and advancing these ideas is getting them on paper/on the board. Doodling creates new creative outpours. You are able to see gaps/problems and on the other hand you can leave the doodling the way it is for a while and get back to it later (with hope that the idea is still great). […]

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Everything but the idea