magic by puur design


that’s a reason why i am in love with interior design. how incredible is this? you can easily make four chairs out of one, or you can use the smallest one as a footrest. and the best: they are all rockers. so you can lean back and enjoy…anything. just magic! dripta roy, co-founder of the canadian design studio puur designed this beauty. the design was influenced by the russian doll, the one where you can stack one doll into another one, the matryoshka doll.

“remember those russian dolls from the old days? each doll was hidden in the next. it was amazing to see how many of these dolls would fit in each other! it almost seemed like magic…”


you should also take a look at the puur catalogue, here. there you can find some nice stuff. like the bookshelf blaas. (via)


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magic by puur design