suspended bed

for a 700 square foot (65 qm) loft in montreal l. mccomber architects created a suspended bed made of curved douglas fir plywood and tubular steel. i like the pipe-looking steel beems and that the bed is not connected to the walls on the side. it looks loke a giant ray is hanging from the ceiling. (more pictures here). but also the rest of the loft is very impressive, espacially the white brick walls. (via)


  • stallone

    Simple design, simple life.
    But for the plywood bed, it`s not easy to make right.So it will be hard to realize the quantitative production.

    How about change the stucture of the bed, together some hardware; with the moulded plywood bed bottom stucture.

    It`ll will be more simple and modern.
    Nice weekend.

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suspended bed