what’s in my bag?

what’s in your bag? is a big tradition on flickr. people show their insides of their bags which they are using during their every day life. here is my inside view of my beloved messenger bag:

1: incase messenger bag – at first i need to thank notcot for this great bag, there i found this beautiful thing. espacially the plush faux-fur laptop sleeve was one main reason to order it in the usa.

2: reiz ratte – my glasses.

3: my pens – of course a big permanent marker, a muji fine liner, and some of the best pens in the world, the pentel sign pen.

4: moleskine sketch book – i use the same one since 2005.

5: moleskine daily diary – i use the small hard cover planner.

6: muji 2-ring binder – that’s where i keep some paper for university.

7: headache pills – they can safe lifes.

8: apple macbook – it’s tough for me to be without my macbook.

9: iPod 2nd generation – old, no color display, but still good.

10: akg k 518 dj – my new headphones, amazing sound and good to carry.

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what’s in my bag?