now that’s a brilliant way to use the fair ipod headphones. dmitry zagga used tipical things almost everybody has at home to build a funny and creative (but maybe inefficient) boombox.

this is a fun project. four single-serving paper cups, two toothpicks (for holding cups together) + ipod with classic earbuds.
the increase in volume, of course, is radiculous, but hey, you get stylish ipod accessory out of nothing!
it is also should be seen as a kind of social experiment, sort of irony and parody to high-street design and the industry of design – trends blogs
. this thing became quite popular over internet and been published on many sites, but sometimes losing the spirit of fun and playfullness and taking the idea too straightforward.

and yes, i am another trend (?) blog, who writes about these great speakers. i don’t know if like the the idea or the explanation better, i don’t care, it’s totally worth it to write about. (found via itsgreendesign)

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