Eels – Hombre Lobo


Thanks to @stylespion, I found out that soon the new album of Eels is coming out. June 2nd, 2009! I can’t wait for it. For my opinion the music of Eels is always listenable. You can drive your car, lie in the hammock, do your homework, or rock your party with Eels.

Eels remind me of a great time back in Regensburg, where I started to study. I have some great memories I connect with Eels, like driving around in my room-mate’s car. The car’s cd-player was always filled with the two CDs of “Blinking Lights and other revelations” (besides Beck’s “Guero“).

The new Album is called “Hombre Lobo” (werewolf) and the first single of the twelve new songs is “Fresh Blood” and it is fantastic, take a look at the crazy video (via):

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Eels – Hombre Lobo