fluid rocker


nick trincia, submitted the beautiful fluid rocker for the relax design competition. in my opinion the chair was unrivalled, it is an amazing idea. and of course, he won, his rocker received the most votes from the panel of judges.

“the chair’s flowing organic shape is achieved through a one piece fiber glass construction with a high-gloss finish. for added comfort and texture, a layer of soft natural felt wraps over the entire outer face of the chair. on the upper side of the chair, the felt provides added cushion for sitting, while on the underside of the chair it provides for quieter, softer rocking, and protection for your floors.”


it reminds me of one of my most favourite chairs: the rocking armchair, designed by charles & ray eames, producd by vitra.


but take a look at all the entries for the contest, you can find some amazing things.



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fluid rocker