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iheartblogs many of you may know the initiative mr stylespion, kai, fathers: “ein ♥ für blogs”. his idea was to unite german bloggers, to support each other, and to expand our horizons. i like the idea. many people critisize that this is one more project, where we (bloggers) try to reach the wrong people, other bloggers. in orer to be more effective, we need to reach outstanding people, who still don’t know the amazing, inspiring, tutoring, and creative effects of blogs. but i say, who cares… i am always interested in getting some new inspiration. so, here we go, these are the blogs, i’d like to present (the order is not appraising, but intuitive):

bild-32 kopfbunt – blog of malte, a communication designer from berlin, he blogs about design, inspiration, composition, creativity, and ideas.

melting grooves – the dj team daniel david & thomas deutzmann from düsseldorf present every once in a while some great selection of rare funk & soul, jazz & fusion, hip hop, boogie, breaks & beats, indie.

bild-42 lexpop – a photoblog of alex, a friend of mine from nuremberg, always a good way to get lost in some pictures (everyday a new one).

visual attitudes – a german english spoken webblog and the personal view on design, art and visual culture in general from a visual communication student, who is currently in switzerland. a better tomorrow blog – düsseldorf / t-shirt / community / design contest – who needs more reasons for a visit?

bild-51 basquiat – »a music lover, vinyl enthusiast, guitar player, wannabe photographer, unix geek, whisky maniac, caffeine junkie and non smoker«, who writes about intersting things.

hundertmarkblog – a similar taste like mine: diy, music, art and design but things you can’t read everywhere. datenform – info on new projects, events and anything related to the work of aram bartholl, a berlin based artist, who thematizes the relationships between net data space and every day life.

bild-21 pan dan – a great blog mainly about art and design, written by a swiss lady.

kleinegracht – the blog about the diy attempts of a good friend of mine. blogpiloten – interesting stuff about blogging and web2.0. herz-fuer-blogs


  • Oliver

    Thanks for linking me, Markus! I’m still working on my post.
    So you also read my brother’s blog basquiat.de? The world is a small one.
    If you don’t mind I’ll use your «I heart blogs» image. ;)

  • roitsch

    @oliver hey, of course, use my image! the world is really small. but you are not saving your creativiy in your family, or not? cool.

    @malte: hey you are very welcome, you deserve it!

  • ..::magdeblog::..

    Ein nicht diskriminierendes ♥ für alles andere nur nicht für die Arschkrampen die immer und immer wieder jeden Scheiss mitmachen!!!…

    Es ist noch nicht lange her da wusselte so ein ziemlich nerviges Phänomen durch die Sphäre. Einige der älteren Blogger, die wie ich schon den Krieg und andere fürchterliche Ereignisse erlebt haben können sich noch dunkel daran erinnern.
    Es ging da…

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