majuscules and minuscules – i need help


Hello consumers and friends of I have an important request:

Please, tell me if the way I am writing, just small letters, disturbs you?

I know writing just with minuscules (technical term for small letters) is a bit odd. I just started it and until tonight, without even realising that it could be exhausting to read. I did it with no purpose.
Malte from Kopfbunt mentioned to me, that comments (in German blogs) can be exhausting to read with just small letters. And of course now I question myself, if writing my own blog in just minuscules is the right way? Or shall I use majuscules (technical term for big letters) as well? But that’s not only my decission, please help me to find the better way to write and for you to read my blog. Please, take 10 seconds to click the answer you want.


Thank you very much!

But there is also another thing, I am very happy that Malte told me, that I should at least think about writing in a proper way. It helps me a lot. So, if you ever have a suggestion which could help me improving my blog and the things you are reading, please let me know! Or if you have an opinion about anything, tell me! I will always take the statements for real and will handle it in a (more or less) professional way.


  • Sonja

    I think it’s more beautiful to use small and big letters. But not only for this girlish reason, it’s also easier to read.

  • Jerry

    Well, I strongly believe in “form follows function”, and I don’t think that “artful” changes to the language we’ve all learned to read and write belong in body text. It *is* harder to read. YOU COULD JUST AS WELL WRITE EVERYTHING WITH CAPSLOCK ON… There is no reason to do it other than subjective aesthetics, which are, by nature, different for everyone.

    Don’t misunderstand me, though. I think it can be used as a nice decorative element for shorter texts, such as titles, or on posters. Don’t touch your sidebar, for instance, it looks great. Just not in body text.

  • Malte M

    strip it down to the bone. specially in english, where majuscules are not that often, it’s mainly redundant information. what do you need them for? in fact, historically, using both is mixing two different writing systems. As far as I know, originally OR majuscules OR minuscules were used, without mixing. imho, readibility is mainly a question of habituation

  • Malte

    Das kannst du in jedem Buch für Wahrnehmung oder Typografie nachlesen. Was sich besser lesen lässt … Sei nicht so faul ;-)

  • roitsch

    Thanks for all the response. I am happy that you are even caring for the survey. So, here we have all the different opinions together but I think I am moving towards using small and big letters, the reasons you are giving me are convincing but I will wait some more time and will make a decission tonight or tomorrow.

    @malte (without M): The books often tell the truth but my readers (YOU) are the ones, who are effected and not the author of the books; ;-)

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majuscules and minuscules – i need help