today is a good day (earthday) to blog some things about substainability or green living. and naturemill is great. the idea is to produce compost within your kitchen just by wasting your leftover vegetables, meat, or coffee grounds.

how it works: “deposit food waste items at any time, on any day. add up to 120 lbs (55kg) per month. for best results, cut items into small pieces. items remain in the upper chamber, with “hot composting” conditions: mixing, air flow, heat, and moisture. the energy released destroys odors, pathogens, and seed germination. the compost is later transferred through a trap door to the lower cure tray chamber, where it continues to compost while you add fresh waste items to the upper chamber.”

hiw_diagrami like the idea. maybe there is no difference to your compost heap in the garden, but what if you live in the city and don’t have a garden? you can keep the naturemill everywhere even outside on a balcony. it’s not very cheap with $ 299 in the plus edition and $ 399 for the pro edition, but i like the idea, and if i could affort it, i would order one!

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