slices of the green belt


mr michele rasore, a self called mediterranean gentleman from wet britannia is a funny guy, who made something hilarious. influenced by two articles by bbc andthe global footprint network, he began to think about questions like
“so, what will happen when our cosy, contemporary living rooms will meet the green belt and the countryside in general?
“what will happen when our unstoppable appetite for high end goods, cheap goods, happy goods, goods that are not good, trinkets, gadgets and baubles will catch up once for all with the natural resources available?”

his answer was:
“in another dystopian vision of the future these will be the only green spaces left at our disposal: forget patios, parks, stuff.
we’ll all be left hanging around these things whilst sipping martinis, discussing the poetry of nature and the power of farting art with our friends.”

collageand he created the slices of the green belt:
“16 x 16 inches frame depth 1.5 inch ventilation openings: 72 holes on the top surface, further 36 on each side
all holes have been drilled one by one by hand. their function is to guarantee air circulation and avoid the formation of moisture and excessive humidity within the frame. the upper back of all frames is removable in order to access your slice of garden for upkeeping and general intervention if necessary. the bottom half of all frames is treated with waterproof paint and silicone. all frames have a needle punched hose interred roughly 2 cm underneath the surface of growth. this method of irrigation is considered to be the most effective to irrigate lawns because it delivers water and nutrients straight to the roots. at the moment is possible to deliver water to the frame connecting a standard wash bottle to the irrigation hose, thus delivering water through hand generated pressure.”

i think in the near future i will try to make such a slice as well. not to provide my own little nature at home, just because i think it looks nice! the perfect thing for the earthday.

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slices of the green belt