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while i was looking for instructions for do-it-yourself-furniture i came across some rights reserved. did you ever have the idea to rebuild something you saw in a shop, at a fair or in the internet? something like a chair made of cardboard, rocking chair skids, or paper granades? but you didn’t want to spent a big amount of money, or the products are not shipped to your home?

“imagine being able to buy the digital blueprints to any object, being able to take it to a skilled professional and have it produced directly. imagine instant access to quality design ideas and the means to manufacture products on demand. imagine completely removing the middleman.
some rights reserved lets designers get ideas out directly to the public, on their terms. designers have greater creative freedom, flexibility, spontaneity, and control over licensing. consumers are given the chance to purchase design instantly, either printing it out on their own printer or taking the file to a listed supplier for production.”

well it’s this may not be a nice way, but their slogan is:
“mp3s, file sharing and piracy revolutionsed the music industry. now it’S time for the design industry.”

i have mixed feelings for the idea, on the one side you have the ones who earn money with it, but on the other side would you pay $ 1,000 for a frank gehry sidebard chair, if you could build it yourself for $ 20?





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some rights reserved