stick in a box


good design often results in simplicity, usablility or multifunctionality. brilliant if you can combine all three things in one object, like the stick in a box by søren ulrik petersen, designer from copenhagen.
first i saw the stick in a box at the icff in new york 2006, where i talked to søren ulrik petersen. i stayed in contact with him via email. back in germany i ordered two pieces of the amazing tool you can use for anything. it is cut from 100-year old maplewood and finished by hand. the beautiful, functional tool comes in a transparent box featuring a typographic wordplay in black lettering along with suggestions for use:

“stir pot, flip steak, scoop jar, slice cake, butter toast, check sauce, scrape bottom, stop door, scratch back or feel good. only your imagination limits the possible uses for this practical everyday object.

it’s a crazy thing, i don’t want to miss it anymore. i don’t know where you can purchase it, but if you are interested let me know and i will contact mr petersen.



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stick in a box