A(Plus) Chair


td[s] – todosomething is a furniture and fabrication workshop from L.A., California. td[s] focuses on designing and building furniture with interpretations of minimalism, mid-century modernism, and the Shaker Style.

“The workshop aims to explore the boundaries of what functional objects mean to their users in a contemporary setting.”

A quote from Daily Candy L.A.:
“The fresh-faced, Iowa-born artist, thinker, builder, and all-around cool person is a sculptor who also does amazing custom carpentry work. Whether it’s a single bench or a stand-alone structure in your back yard, he’ll create something beautiful, thoughtful, and functional.”

bild-8The A(Plus) Chair is a wonderful example for the simplicity but ingenious work of td[s]. One more chair which could be recreated very easily. I like the painting chosen on the left side. Simple ply-wood with epoxy resin and the main surfaces painted in white.

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A(Plus) Chair