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Over at Apples and Owls I found this funny commercial for chewing gums. I think it’s hilarious. Also the slogan “make face time”.
A little green character comes out of his house after spending some time alone blogging. He opens the mouth and the people collapse. The statement: don’t just sit at home with you mouth closed, go outside meet people.

The chewing gum company denythe is responsible for many commercials with association to web2.0. Even their webpage makes a statement “against” surfing the internet. The site has a count down, starting with three minutes, and when it’s over the site will close down and you are asked to leave, in order to stop spending all the time indoors blogging and surfing.

Via campaignlive I found out that the creative agency McCann Erickson New York realized the spot. Take a look at the green character, he is wearing a T-shirt declaring “I think, therefore I blog”. Awesome!

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blog smog