Marek Gut, an Industrial Designer born in Poland and studied in Linz, Austria. He developed and designed this great piece of furniture. Marek Gut was influenced durig his design process by traditional consoles and closet wardrobes from the 18th century. The workmanship reflects the perfect sytle of arts and crafts.
A commode, which somehow reminds me of Transformers. You can open a drawer here, another leaf there and a little door over here.
I like the yellow colors inside, and it fits perfectly to my weblog.

“Typologically, it is a cupboard fitted with drawers, at one time something between a chest and a cabinet. Its name says it all: it is practical and convenient (commode). Crafted from the fun of mixing and matching explains the designer. Mixing and matching over centuries – since the 18th century to be precise, which is how long the commode has existed. A classic item for storing personal and highly private objects, personal treasures, secrets. And Marek Gut’s commode?” (stylepark)


Carcass – 880 x 400 x 400 mm (length x width x height)
Height – 1000 mm

Material: veneered timber

Manufactury/distibution: Pühringer GmbH


  • Sören

    Wunderschön. Aber auf der Pühringer-Seite findet man ja auch kaum was.Gibts irgendwo eine ungefähre Preisangabe (Wobei ich sowieso befürchte, daß da nicht mal Sparen ausreicht)?

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