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This is cardboard chair #4 (found at lovelypackage). And it’s speacially designed for kids. David Graas, a dutch product designer and specialist for cardboard stuff, designed this cute but brilliant thing.

“As a small kid I used to walk home from kindergarten with my eyes fixed to the pavement. I always found some kind of interesting small object along the way. It could be a piece of glass, a screw or a bead. I imagined that these small treasures had been waiting for me there to find them. Each time I started of, it was no so much a question if I was going to find something that day, but more what I was going to find and where it would be waiting. … In my work I still try to follow my own curiosity and surprise myself as much as possible. I’m sure that new ideas will keep coming. I just don’t know when and in what shape. But that’s what makes it exciting.(via davidgrass.nl)

img_fysjr4_largePuzzle your own chair together (with a little help from mama) using a large part of the packaging. The chair is made from corrugated cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

Nominated for the Dutch Design Awards 2007, category packaging.

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FYS (Finish Your Self) junior