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Hello fellow bloggers,

Nils and me, we had the idea that the network of local bloggers in Hamburg could enjoy a little recovery. The past action “Ein ♥ für Blogs“, originated by Stylespion, showed us that there could be an interest for building up a network.

Late topics like the “Indexing and Censorship of German Websites“, and the shutdowns of several websites like “rivva“or “medienlese“, shows us there are currently a lot of potential topics, we would like to talk about.

The idea is to build up a network, which meets every now and then and provides a basis to swap ideas, maybe to create new things, et cetera.

Time and place is not certain so far, at first we would like to check if there is any interest on your part, and then we will inform you about a first meeting.


If you are interested, please write an email to Nils:
vonblanc-at-gmx.de and please spread the word around. And feel free to use the picture above, create new ones, or use the German one on the left.

And please, take one minute and participate in the online petition against the “Indexing and Censorship of German Websites”. (more infos in German at zweipunktnull)

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  • Nils

    Join the Network and stay tuned! We are working hard to come out with a fixed date and location within the next days.

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I ♥ Blogs live!