Cold War Kids – 4 x 4 Times


I was always a big fan of the Cold War Kids. “Hang Me Up To Dry” is one of my most favourite hits. But when I saw the new project (via DYT) of these boys I freaked out.

I’ve Seen Enough” is the second single from their newest album “Loyalty To Loyalty”. And the director of the video, Sam Jones, filmed each member of the group 4 times with different instruments. You can choose each member’s instruments by clicking onto the colors above one member, and if you click on a member, he stops playing. So basically the combinations are 4 x 4 = 16 x … what ever, a lot! Have fun!

My favourite combination is just blue, the accoustic style. Amazing!

At the digitalcontentproducer I found a describtion of Sam Jones idea: “The idea was that fans would be able to create an interesting new variation of the track every time, a new listening experience,” says director Sam Jones, of Tool. “Plus, it’s just fun to play with – there are so many ways to mix the instruments and vocals, and so many chances to get creative.”

There you can also find information about the tool, which was used for that brilliant interactive video.

I think this time it’s very important to tell something about the credits:

Client: Cold War Kids
Song Title: I’ve Seen Enough
Air Date: Web only

Live-Action/Interactive Production Company: Tool of North America
Director/Concept: Sam Jones
DP: Mark Williams
EP(s): Dustin Callif, Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel
Flash Developer: Jason Nickel
Line Producer: Angela Jones Solomon

Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor/Online Artist: Asako Ushio
Producer(s): Jerry Sukys, Justin Smollan

Songs Produced by Kevin Augunas and Greg Koller
Recording Engineer: Greg Koller
Interface Designer: Marcus Edvalson

Shoot Location: Ocean Way Recording Studios

Management: Monotone, Inc
Manager: Brett Williams

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Cold War Kids – 4 x 4 Times