Emili Manrique Diaz, I sue you!


Of course, that’s a joke. I wouldn’t sue someone, because he has the same brilliant idea like me! In fact, I could be a little jealous, Diaz’ table looks a little more professional. Yes, I know he is a professional. I couldn’t find out if he is a interior designer, architect, or something else!?

The MESA 180 is a great table. Not that you can only hide your laptop or other stuff inside, there is also a foldout lamp. A great idea, I couldn’t even think of.

I couldn’t find out how electricity is coming inside the table. I would be interested where the power cord goes inside.

Another thing is, that I don’t like the shape of the desktop. It’s to deep, I prefer a wider desktop. But you can use this table as well as a dining table, that’s an added value (if you need it).

bild-4But Mr. Diaz, respect! I like your table very much. We should think about a cooperation, we could design the perfect desk, sell it to IKEA and get rich (or we die trying), hehe.

(found via yankodesign)


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Emili Manrique Diaz, I sue you!