Process, change and BEACH-PINGPONG!?

25042009076Process! Process! Process! Well, two weeks without a single blog post and no complainments of my readers. You are too nice. But I can excuse myself. There was a lot going on lately.
My internships (here and here) require all my skills. The Postirony-Project is coming to its end klimax. The trip to Berlin and the UXCamp were great, and I came back with a lot of ideas. Mostly conversations and brainstorming with Malte gave me some nice input. FINALLY, I got accepted to the MA Program “ePedagogy Design – Visual Knowledge Building“. And last but not least, the summer arrived in Hamburg, and I spent a lot of time outdoors.

Lately I have a little dispute with myself. How I will go on with my weblog. And of course, I don’t want to make any decisions without asking you.
The last question gave me a great impression how to design the content of my blog. And we all came to the decision that I will write with majuscules and minuscules. Thanks!
But this time my dispute deals with the content itself.
Shall I continue to write about “everything under the sun”, that means everything that causes me to write about it? My topics are not limited yet. Mostly it deals with design, like furniture, visualisations, or architecture. But there are also movies, music, or fashion. On the one hand, I know that there are several blogs, which are dealing with these topics. But on the other hand, these are the things, which are influencing me a lot. Basically this is me, my interests, my inspiration.
The other idea would be to concentrate on things, which are mainly dealing with the topics I am studying about. The connection between design and education. Visualisation of information. Teaching and learning with the help of different media. What do you thing? Are these topics interesting for you as well? Or are you just waitnign for something like this? Mostly the topics won’t change that much, but I will concentrate on some things. And the other affect would be, that I will create much more content myself, than reporting and dealing with things I found through the world wide web and beyond. So quantity of blog posts would decrease. But my own content would rise.

What I currently think is making a mixutre of both. That means, I will still report about things that influence me, things that are delighting. But I will concentrate on evaluating and reflecting these things, reporting about the good and bad sides of the “thing”.
A compromise is most of the time a good solution, this time as well?


bild-1Oh, by the way, the picture above is from a backyard here in Hamburg. You can find it behind the Decoy Shop on Marktstra├če, a nice shipping street apart from mainstream, in the beloved Karoviertel. I was overwhelmed by the idea: BEACH-PINGPONG. I wanna make a BEACH-PINGPONG Tournament. Of course, at first I need to ask the owner. But is there any Interest?


So, two questions:
Content of my blog – keep it the same or change? and BEACH-PINGPONG?


Ok, addition: thanks to Ralf, I made two polls, please tell me what you think!

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  • Ralf

    First: Did I miss the poll anywhere? Should ther be a link to polldaddy or sth. like this?
    However, I would definetly like to read more of your ideas about visual knowledge building and the relation between design and education. I’d say there is still a lot to discover and creativity is required to create good learning arrangements. So PLEASE create own content as well and keep on going to inform us about the interesting findings through the whole web.

    Greetings Ralf

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Process, change and BEACH-PINGPONG!?