The Great Park

I stumbled upon a great musician. Stephen Burch, aka The Great Park, was born in South England, spent most of his life in Ireland and currently moved to Berlin.

“The first songs were written and recorded with a vintage acoustic guitar and the family’s upright piano. Percussion was found in the sounds and textures of brooms, of pots and metal chains. The music grew influenced by the natural landscape and the stories and folk tradition common to southern Ireland. Images of fields, of farm houses, animals, pursuit and persecution abound – characters appear and reappear in different songs – dense journey songs – the unifying theme is that of grave drama and possiblity within ‘The Great Park’.”

The music reminds me of Bright Eyes, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Bon Iver, Band of Horses, and other Bands, that start with a “B”, haha.
A little dreamy, sometimes atrabilious, soulful. I like it very much. An Accoustic guitar, the suffering-sounding voice, what else do you need?

I would be very happy if The Great Park would come to the Haldern Pop Festival, where I gonna be. He would fit in perfectly, between Bon Iver and Andrew Bird.

The picture above was taken by Martin Ludewig.

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The Great Park