Black & White Clock


In my opinion it’s not that easy to find a clock which is worth it to hang it up. In current times you have so many technical devices, that a clock is not that important any longer. And if you put one on to the walls, it should be very creative and good-looking, or you could say the design should be great.
The Black & White Clock of Vadim Kibardin does fullfill these needs. Each translucent digit has its own power supply and you can put them anywhere you want. But there is more: if the room is bright the digits appear black but when it’s dark they appear white. So with the help of the light sensor you can see the time at day and night.

“Since 2005 Vadim Kibardin has lived in Prague where his Kibardingesign studio started production of his own trade mark goods which have being sold in Russia, Europe and USA.
He won over ten awards, including Reddot design award, iF Award, Promosedia International Design Competition, DIA, Charman design competition.”

The sad thing is it’s still a concept and Vadim Kibarin is searching for manufacturer. But I can imagine there will be a manufacturer very soon, the idea is great! (found via core77)



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Black & White Clock