Basically what I like most about the web2.0 are the conversations, the exchange about topics you are interested in. You get in contact with people, who have simillar interests and thereby new ideas occur.

And Project M brings back the idea into the real world. They want to make the world a better place by creating ideas with people from the neighbourhood.

We just want to change the world.
Sure, we may not be known in the in circles. We may not fill the pages of design annuals. And we may never see our names in lights. But, we do know how to save the rain forest with a waterproof book. We do know how to build a park with a postcard. And we know how to bring water to a community with a few pages of newsprint.
We are part of a design movement. We believe that ability equals responsibility. And we are not the only ones. So, we built a lab where designers like you can make a difference. We are building the tools that will build the future. And this is where you come in.”

(blank)LAB is the place where all this shall take place.

“(blank)LAB is a bare bones mobile studio bringing designers and communities together.”

The idea is based on the PieLab, which brought together people over a sliece of pie. The shipping container has an advantage: it is mobile and will also serve for 48-hour design workshops, where design thinking shall be used for the greater good. It’s easy: It brings people together, conversation happens, ideas are created, and the result is change through creativity in design.
Take a look at theirĀ flickr-set. (I was allowed to use pictures of their flickr profile although they are under copyright control, just tomake that clear.)

I really love the idea!

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