It’s time for a change!


“Dear fellow readers,
I come to you tell you that the time has come for a change!”

If an American president would have written this blog post, it would probably start like this. But it’s me, Roitsch, who ist still sitting infront of the screen and keyboard to tell you that a change really happened. And it could be presented like the adress above. The move was a mess. I had severel helpers, who need to be named right here. Without them my redirection of the old URL to the new one would have end in an infinite back and forth redirecting. And nobody could ever visit my weblog again.

Thanks to: Nico, Monika, Gerald Mann, Oliver, Jonas, and of course Ralf, who solved the whole mess!

Web2.0 is a great invention. Within a few minutes, there were 6 people who helped me with my problems of moving my domain from to And I have never met some of these people. Just via Twitter, Email, Skype, and Phone I was able to acomplish the change.

Why did I do this? Because my phrase “better taste than sorry” came off badly. Most of the links to my page were named but the name of my blog is “better taste than sorry” The name has a meaning and a background.
I quote my about:

“But you may ask yourself: Why “better taste than sorry“? After brainstorming for a while how I could entitle my web blog, I came upon the idea that basically my blog came into being, because I care about almost everything. I wanted to collect things I like and create a platform to discuss these things. In my opinion there is nothing as bad as carelessness. Like Metallica once said: “Boredom sets into the boring mind” (Metallica – The Struggle within). And nothing is as boring as having no opinion or not expressing his/her opinion. Coined by the phrase “better safe than sorry” “better taste than sorry” stands for my statement that I care about things and I express my opinion about these things (which reflects my taste).”

So, it would be great, if you link to my blog somewhere, to change the URL to and label it “better taste than sorry”, please! And my new RSS-feed is:

And to complete the whole Web2.0 package my blog is now at Facebook.


  • Florian

    Coole Sache!

    Ich habe mich neulich schon einmal gewundert, warum du für Startseite und Posts zwei unterschiedliche Domains verwendest. Aber jetzt ist ja alles klar.

    Hoffentlich akzeptiert Google die Umstellung auch so schnell :D

  • Nils

    hurray…..same problems …… but I guess i found someone who could help me moving my blog!!!!
    talk to you soon

  • roitsch

    Hi, thanks for all the response and congrats.

    @nils If you have any questions, you know you can write me any time. I can tell you some great helpers! And TOGETHER we can do it! Yes, we can! hahaha…
    No, seriously, if you need help, I can try.

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It’s time for a change!