Old cinema ➞ Skate store


Studiometrica, an Italian architecture studio did an amazing job. They converted an old cinema in Milan from the 40’s, into the new Bastard flagship store, which also includes a suspended bowl and offices for Comvert. How incredible is this? The detailed realisation is so overwhelming, I can’t believe it. If I ever make it to Milan, I will definetly go there and take a tour through the cinema…uh…skate store.

“studiometrico was born in Milan in 2004 from the collaboration between Lorenzo Bini and Francesca Murialdo and is the place where some people conceive and develop architectural projects and researches on interior and outdoor spaces, on both existing buildings and new constructions. The practice works for private clients in Milan, in Italy and abroad, designing, transforming and building places for living, working and traveling. studiometrico’s roots are in Milan, but its branches are articulated and scattered over an international network of collaborations, links and physical places.”

587978760_02-528x301At archdaily and at the studiometrica website you can find much more information and pictures:

“Few years ago Comvert asked studiometrico to look for a location for its new headquarter in Milan; the place should have been large enough to host offices for 15-20 people, services, a big storage for their products and an indoor skatebowl or employees, team riders and friends. In spring 2005 we eventually found a Cinema theater from the 50’s that really suited Comvert needs and few months ago – after the conclusion of the refurbishment works – the company has moved into its new home: Casacomvert!”


If you like it the same way I do, you will also like The Ramp House, a residence with a ramp, a half-pipe, and some more.



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Old cinema ➞ Skate store