One eskimO – visual album

Bild 3After the great success with the video of “Hometime” (which won the British Animation Award 2008), the London-based indie-band One eskimO will visualise their whole new album. (via notcot)

“The success of “Hometime” led to animating the entire album, which at the time was but a “pipe dream” for One eskimO. Using the songs of the cd as a template, a narrative slowly came into shape. The story revolves around the central character of One eskimO, an adventurous and determined young man seeking his place in the universe. He is accompanied on his adventure by his bandmates, Giraffe, Monkey, and Penguin. Every hero needs his villain, in this case Mr. Top Hat, a mysterious stranger who, like a puppet master, pulls unseen strings to drive the characters’ destinies.”

This is the trailer for the visual album:

What a great idea! I like One eskimO. Their sound reminds me of Sufjan Stevens, who also tells little stories within his songs. I can tell for myself that lead singer Kristian Leontiou fulfills what he wants to cause with his music:

“I wanted to create a sound of my own: magical, ambient, filmic, acoustic, beautiful and meaningful. I wanted to write about how I felt about life, love, losses and failures, highs and lows, even heartbreaks. But also about how amazing human life is and how mind-blowing our very existence is.” (via Wikipedia)

This is the incredible video for “Hometime”:

One eskimO – Hometime Official Video
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One eskimO – visual album