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I am very happy that Malte is back in the social web after a short summer break. And yesterday he blogged an interview with a creative illustrator with a colorful mind, Anne Wenkel. Within this interview she was asked to name three websites she is visiting regularly. And one she named was: paper beats internet.

Paper beats internet is incredible. It is a project of the Ontario College of Art and Design. It is called an ‘analog’ social networking site:

“The site is a digital home for entries that focus on exploring the use and relationship between hand-rendered type and images. The work is a dialoge between students and invited guest contributers with professional backgrounds in design, illustration, fine-art, writing and other disciplines.”

Every single post is painted or creatively designed previously. And the comments are also given in a creative, illustrative way. Even the spam comments are illustrated! Here is one of my favorites:


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  • Malte

    This concept is really great. I like those stuff … its incredible how much work and spirit is in those posts and comments. Thx for explaining the contcept … cause i didn´t get it in my 5 sec visit :-O … now i will check this site in future to get this funky stuff :-)))

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Paper beats internet