Peter Raacke, the pope of cardboard furniture


In the past, I reported regularly about furniture made of cardboard, espacially cardboard chairs. But Peter Raacke could be called the pope of cardboard furniture. Back in the 60’s he started to design “Otto”, the “chair for unpropertied people” (“Sitz für Besitzlose”), how he called it. It is an easy chair, made of corrugated cardboard.
The  features are incredible: via the multiple splayings and convolutions, the cardboard furniture is very light, but hard-resistant and acceptable. You can use it untreated, or you can paint it, varnish, stick, or even wallpaper  it.

Peter Raacke said back in the 60’s:
“Design is a  view of life”.

His “Otto” was the first cardboard furniture, which was indutrially manufactured. Usually he designed it for poorer people. But the consumers were interlectuals, progressives, and students.

One feature is currently more interesting than back then: the sustainability. Cardboard furniture is very ecofriendly.

I stumbled upon “Otto” at the online store There you can find some other impressive furniture and accessoirs. Re-used scrap cardboard can be used and if you wanna get rid of it, you can just throw it in the container for waste paper.




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Peter Raacke, the pope of cardboard furniture