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Wow, at Republic Bike you can design your own fixie/singlespeed for $ 399.00. There are not that many colors, but it’s still great! The basic colors for the frame are green, blue, orange and then you can customize your chain, tires, grips, rims, cranks, saddle as well. You can order the sizes 52/54/59 cm. The bikes are also sold via Urban Outfitters in USA.

“Republic Bike assembles custom bicycles based on shared design. We offer component and color selection curated for quality, value and aesthetics. Pick, choose, swap and decide and we’ll build it, box it, and ship it out. Built by us and you.”

The bike is calles Aristotle and you can choose between a fixed or free hub:

“Aristotle is a singlespeed bicycle with a fixed/free hub.  Fixed gear or track bikes have their rear cog attached or “fixed” to the rear wheel.  A fixed gear bicycle is essentially a singlespeed bicycle. However, singlespeed bikes allow the rider to coast without pedaling, but on a fixed gear bicycle you can’t coast without pedaling. So, you’re always pedaling on a fixed-gear bicycle.”

(found via PICKONE)

I wonder when you get something simillar in Germany!?



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Republic Bike