Star Wars (on a notebook)

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I love the apt. Not only their creativity, humor and sense for design, but also because thay have stuff like this in their blog:

Star Wars: tinkered, glued, painted, cut…AMAZING in a notebook!

The best of the first three movies (which are the second three movies now), episode IV-VI, in three minutes!

“Playing with the idea of “how you remember the movie, back then” and using things in common when you were in school like notebooks, cut-out figures, cotton and the alike. The short recreates in three minutes the original movie, using some random and sometimes witty ideas/comments from me and other kids that have seen it in the last few years. It’s like a crazy summary by a kid who sees the movie for the first time.”

Produced, Directed & Written by: Oscar Fabian Triana Mendez. All props to you, Mr Mendez, Incredible!

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Star Wars (on a notebook)