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Japanese Suppose Design Office realises one amazing project after the other. You should really look at their works. But the residence in Nagoya really got me. A small white cuboid house covered with corrugated iron. The tall door is the entrance to a architectural dream. The space is very clean and simple, with no frills.
I love the idea of the so-called “garden room”, the center of the house. It is sun-drenched by the huge windows in the ceiling. You can sit on the little porches and enjoy the view of the little “garden” on the lower floor.

“Using this design as a starting point, we hope that words such as garden and landscape that had only been used for exteriors can begin to take on new and varied meanings, bringing vibrant and beautiful scenery into the interior of homes as well, and make architectural aesthetics more and more diverse.”

The only thing I am not very happy with is the open bath room, or not exactly the bath room but the toilet. It should not be visable through the whole house. But except for this, I would like to live exactly like this. I found the incredible piece of architecture at dezeen, where you can find some more pictures.



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Suppose Design Office