The Turn

Bild 1This is a crazy website. It is a project of Fredo Viola, Aer Studio, and Guille Lopez. Fredo Viola is a multi-media artist/ musician/ film director from New York.

At the website you can turn, drag and drop, color, play, adjust, and much more. And every time you drop a form into the circle a new video appears. Go there and play for yourself. I love it!

Mr Viola says: “I enjoy anything imaginative and eclectic, and have soaked up the music of Belle and Sebastian, Boards of Canada, Amon Tobin, Joni Mitchell, Biff Rose, Harry Nilsson, Harry Nilsson (yes, again, I love him this much!) and Odetta. Gospel music rocks my socks off. Oh, and Bach.”

Bild 2I found it via the Apartment and I like the describtion:
“without experimentation, we would not be able to enjoy sea urchin, penicillin or sodomy. which is why i am thankful for, the brainchild of one fredo viola who was able to harness the power of his imagination into something useful for me to taste the vacuousness of his life.”

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The Turn