Ian Bach suprises me a lot. He designed våka. våka is a lamp in form of a tree. Okay, nothing special so far. You could say it looks a little bit like Christian Lessing’s mathematical tree, in small for your living room.
BUT it’s much more. Not only the design is perfectly converted, but you can also twist off the bulbs and spread them around, you can set up some light orbs in your room, on your balcony, in the garden or wherever you want. If the lights go down, you can twist them back on to the tree and they get recharged. Incredible!

You can turn them on and off by squeezing them. The bulbs are made of silicon. And not enough, you can also dim or brighten the light by twisting the bulbs.
Like Yanko says within his post (that’s where I found it): “I never knew light could be so much fun.”

You should check out Ian Bach’s portofio. He studied Industrial Design and Technology at the Loughborough University. He says about himself: ” I strive to creative and innovative thinking to all projects…”
He totally proved it with våka.

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