I wanted to write about Flaek for a long time now. But the project was always in progress and I always wanted to await the next step. But now it is done.

Sven und Oliver, Media Design students at the BA Ravensburg, realized someting incredicle for their thesis. A project almost every one would like to realize. It is something like building your own house, jumping out of a plane or something like this. Sven and Oliver created their own sneaker.
They designed the shoe, a whole CI, made the marketing (in my opinion better than the big labels). And I can say I like everything about it, I’m impressed.
Just tonight their website was finally launched. But the project was able to be followed via their weblog, on Twitter, or on MySpace.

flaekbox_2Their CI is nice. I like the logo, the name, the name of the sneaker: Kaalen Hi. The packaging is nice as well. They transport the sneaker in little wooden boxes, which have been laser-engraved.

But most important the sneaker, the shoe itself. The handmade beauty has everything I like about a sneaker – colors: white/black/grey. I like the form, it is simillar to my (so far) most favorite sneaker the Clae Russel. The laser-engraved shoe tongue is changeable, you can chose between three different colors.

These two guys have my respect. And I wish them the best for their thesis.


Addition: Read the interview with Sven and Oliver at Sneaker Freaker!

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